Decisions I Made

My brain is always moving, planning or worrying about things I can not control.  I wonder how many people deal with this on a regular basis.  I was grieving my dog so much, I was ripped off online a few weeks ago but I tried again and wait for it... The puppy should be here on Monday.  So everyone told me to wait and travel and grieve.  Some thought  I should go to a dog shelter but I wanted the same breed.  I also decided to move back to NY next year and now my adult children are considered moving here.  I am so excited to say I started having a social life lately and with my new puppy, I will have a greater appreciation towards this journey we all are on called life.  My son, who such a great young man is flying in tomorrow and I can not wait. Now I will get back to cleaning up while I await his arrival.  He has not seen my place yet nor has he seen me live alone and independently.


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