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Happy Mother's Day

     Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's and grandma's. I also wish the single dads who are alone in taking care of your kids.  I am just relaxing, and since my ex left to head back to New York, I am no longer in an entertainment role. I barely slept because my son had gotten sick at work, and they called EMS. He felt dizzy and refused medical attention. His sister rushed there in the rain, and now at this particular time, I became worried about both.  My foster daughter was there on stand by in case the hospital was necessary.  I love their bond, but I was so concerned that I twisted and turned all night.  But I had to come to the conclusion that they were grown and had one another. But I now understand what my dad says, parenting never ends.  I want to especially commend mothers who are standing strong after surviving abuse.  This week, I hope that after you enjoy your holiday, we can start a discussion about abuse and help other women survive. I also hope other women can help, including me, on how to stand on our own, make our money and balance love, children, and career. If we do not have one or none of the above, we have ourselves and other women to help us get to where we want to go. We can this at a platform to talk about your long day. Some people may feel comfortable talking to other mothers outside of their circle. We can also network on how to help other moms make a difference and build their financial dreams.


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Hello, my friends,     I hope everyone is doing well and stayed safe and healthy today.  I hope I receive some followers and comments from those who are reading this blog.  We can all use some ideas outside of dancing(which is a great source of releasing stress).  I alI so hope to reach those who are not well and tell you that we all are wishing a fast recovery no matter what is ailing you.  I am not going to you give you the #we are alone together because we are not.  Some of us are single and alone.  Some of us are talking to a pet, some of us( like myself) are single parents, some of us have annoying spouses right about now, and some of us thought have 5 or 6 kids was a good idea up until today.  But seriously,  I hope we all are getting through this in a positive, upbeat manner.  I am here, and I will be checking my blog all-day to make sure I am here for you.  So leave a comment if you just want to be heard.  Soon I will start a podcast and work on my YouTube channel to keep tha

Quarantine and children

    We are now our children's teachers, and I struggled to help my high school daughter with her work.  I would like for us to share with others some websites or information they may. We can not blame others if we do not get involved.  There are elderly grandparents raising grandchildren who may not understand how the new curriculum is being taught today.  Some parents have turned to homeschool websites.  You can google high school math or look up blogs for preschools. You can also download zoom and have your child get on with other students to study together while you monitor what they are doing.  Help those you may know are ill, and children may need your help via phone, skype, or zoom.   Good luck and stay safe and healthy.  If you like my blog, please follow.


I haven't posted in a while.  I had to come back to New York to sell my home.  I became so busy with visiting friends and family.  I started to realize again, I seem to have difficulty saying no. And not saying no makes me sad, ashamed, and weak.  I am anxious to go back.  I also would love to have conversations started, whether positive or negative. I see, and I am ecstatic that I have readers, but I let them down because I was disappointed in how many and no followers.  I wonder who was really out there? I really want to connect to those I never met in person. I also bought a new puppy due to the grief I felt after losing mine.  This was another kneejerk thing that I had done.  This puppy eats everything and bites and chases everyone.  A bad time is an understatement, with the move and looking forward to beginning classes and concentrate on me.  I have to let go and let live. If you like the blog, please follow.