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No more basic talk, time for down and dirty The don'ts of online dating

     I wound up here because I met a man 20 years my senior online.  I just broke up with my ex-fiance, who relapsed after having 22 years sober, mostly due to his son's suicide and mother's death.  He became physically and verbally abusive and bragged it to the town.  So here is a man with over thirty years sober, bold, grey hair man who promised me the world. And when it comes to sobriety, those with more time suppose to be looked up upon, not so much in my case.  But congrats to those who are walking the walk. This promise was not just financially but emotionally. His exact words were life will be like the fresh smell of flowers if you relocate to me.  I was a street smart kid from NYC, never thought an old man had a game, or was a con.
      I was intrigued by his words. We spoke every night and day for a year.  We spent an enormous amount of time on the phone learning about one another, building a foundation.  We even flew back and forth, and all was so great. His generosity seemed so genuine.  And someone with sobriety will never take me across the country to isolate me.  But to his credit, soon after the move, he began to verbally my daughter and I. Financially abuse me by charging high rent to a home that was paid off and physically abused my dog and I on one occasion.  But his dog took most of the abuse as well as his crazy thoughts.  I wondered what happened to that street smart kid, a strong black woman once a single mother.  I felt stranded without support. Some people warned me before leaving, like fellow past coworkers and close friends, but I needed a change, and I thought he was it.  

     I am now mentally, physically, and financially growing stronger on my own. No husband, no fiance, just me and my daughter, and I feel like the street smart black strong woman is emerging once again.  And for those who found love online, I wish you the very best.


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Hello, my friends,     I hope everyone is doing well and stayed safe and healthy today.  I hope I receive some followers and comments from those who are reading this blog.  We can all use some ideas outside of dancing(which is a great source of releasing stress).  I alI so hope to reach those who are not well and tell you that we all are wishing a fast recovery no matter what is ailing you.  I am not going to you give you the #we are alone together because we are not.  Some of us are single and alone.  Some of us are talking to a pet, some of us( like myself) are single parents, some of us have annoying spouses right about now, and some of us thought have 5 or 6 kids was a good idea up until today.  But seriously,  I hope we all are getting through this in a positive, upbeat manner.  I am here, and I will be checking my blog all-day to make sure I am here for you.  So leave a comment if you just want to be heard.  Soon I will start a podcast and work on my YouTube channel to keep tha

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I haven't posted in a while.  I had to come back to New York to sell my home.  I became so busy with visiting friends and family.  I started to realize again, I seem to have difficulty saying no. And not saying no makes me sad, ashamed, and weak.  I am anxious to go back.  I also would love to have conversations started, whether positive or negative. I see, and I am ecstatic that I have readers, but I let them down because I was disappointed in how many and no followers.  I wonder who was really out there? I really want to connect to those I never met in person. I also bought a new puppy due to the grief I felt after losing mine.  This was another kneejerk thing that I had done.  This puppy eats everything and bites and chases everyone.  A bad time is an understatement, with the move and looking forward to beginning classes and concentrate on me.  I have to let go and let live. If you like the blog, please follow.