My reality for today.

Well,  Kentucky is out that fast.  My daughter is having a after school function where students get to throw pies into teachers faces.  And she is extremely shy so I must encourage her and support her.  Having my ex-husband here has been helpful but so many unspoken things remind me why we are in fact divorced.  I will finish applying for re enrollment for school today and the World Trade business. So the laptop and I will become extremely close.  My precious 3 pound Yorkie who was actually named Precious passed away, well was put down(I know that there is a difference) a little over a month ago.  I am still grieving and sad.  I catch myself looking down for her. I was never a dog lover and could not get those who were. Now I get it completely, I have a small memorial on my dresser with pics and her urn without candles. Because as you read my blogs you will see that with my luck I may start a fire.


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