You have to laugh

I was here lonely anticipating my family visiting.  And my ex- husband came to spend his vacation and we have been working with our daughter and helping me out with some computer stuff. So out of everyone to help it is my ex. My son comes and possibly stay in a little over a week.  And I am heading to Kentucky this weekend. Never thought I ever be excited for Kentucky but I lived here for over a minute and I do not want to leave without seeing more of the Midwest.  Now let me tell you what just happened that is slightly funny but is what happens to me throughout my world.  I decided not only to blog, but finish my credits so that I can do my very best and be my very best.  I was having technical problems with the school website which was basically me forgetting my password.   As technical service was helping me a loud nice came through the phone and he says oh my we are having a drill so we must evacuate.  I just laughed and my ex-husband did the same and through his laughter he said only you.


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