I haven't posted in a while.  I had to come back to New York to sell my home.  I became so busy with visiting friends and family.  I started to realize again I seem to have difficulty saying no. And not saying no makes me sad, ashamed and weak.  I am anxious to go back.  I also would love to have conversations started, whether positive or negative. I see and I am ecstatic that I have readers but I let them down because I was disappointed in how many and no followers.  I wonder who was really out there? I really want to connect to those I never met in person. I also bought a new puppy due to the grief I felt after losing mine.  This was another kneejerk thing that I had done.  This puppy eats everything and bites and chases everyone.  A bad time is an understatement, with the move and looking forward to beginning classes and concentrate on me.  I have to let go and let live.


  1. Very descriptive post, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there be a part 2? aol.com mail login sign

  2. I tried extremely hard to take care of everyone and everything while following my dreams or goals. If you follow I will now regularly post and show how I either go under or rise above.


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