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No more basic talk, time for down and dirty The don'ts of online dating

     I wound up here because I met a man 20 years my senior online.  I just broke up with my ex-fiance, who relapsed after having 22 years sober, mostly due to his son's suicide and mother's death.  He became physically and verbally abusive and bragged it to the town.  So here is a man with over thirty years sober, bold, grey hair man who promised me the world. And when it comes to sobriety, those with more time suppose to be looked up upon, not so much in my case.  But congrats to those who are walking the walk. This promise was not just financially but emotionally. His exact words were life will be like the fresh smell of flowers if you relocate to me.  I was a street smart kid from NYC, never thought an old man had a game, or was a con.       I was intrigued by his words. We spoke every night and day for a year.  We spent an enormous amount of time on the phone learning about one another, building a foundation.  We even flew back and forth, and all was so  great. His gene

My reality for today.

Well,  Kentucky is out that fast.  My daughter is having an after school function where students get to throw pies into teachers faces.  And she is extremely shy, so I must encourage her and support her.  Having my ex-husband here has been helpful, but so many unspoken things remind me why we are, in fact, divorced.  I will finish applying for re-enrollment for school today and the World Trade business. So the laptop and I will become extremely close.  My precious 3 pounds Yorkie, who was actually named Precious, passed away well and was put down(I know that there is a difference) a little over a month ago.  I am still grieving and sad.  I catch myself looking down for her. I was never a dog lover and could not get those who were. Now I get it completely; I have a small memorial on my dresser with pics and her urn without candles. Because as you read my blogs, you will see that I may start a fire with my luck.

You have to laugh

I was here lonely, anticipating my family visiting.  And my ex-husband came to spend his vacation, and we have been working with our daughter and helping me out with some computer stuff. So out of everyone to help, it is my ex. My son comes and possibly stay in a little over a week.  And I am heading to Kentucky this weekend. Never thought I will ever be excited for Kentucky, but I lived here for over a minute, and I do not want to leave without seeing more of the Midwest.  Now let me tell you what just happened that is slightly funny but is what happens to me throughout my world.  I decided not only to blog but also to finish my credits to do my very best and be my very best.  I was having technical problems with the school website, which was basically me forgetting my password.   As technical service was helping me, a loud nice came through the phone, and he says oh my, we have a drill, so we must evacuate.  I just laughed, and my ex-husband did the same, and through his laughter, he

The Struggle

I moved to Carmel, Indiana, from New York because I thought I met Mr, Right. We met online, and he was 20 years my senior.  He would buy me jewelry and promised to travel.  Once I relocated, he changed right away.  He seemed not to have money and decided to never return to New York.  I am a strong black woman, a retired disabled New York City Police Officer, and was tired of being told what to do.  But I seemed to always find men like that. My daughter, who just turned 13, is special needs, also was not being treated right.  I just moved into a nice two-bedroom apartment, so my daughter can finish junior high. Then I will return home in hopes of finding a place to live. Alone and no family around is no joke. I will explain more tomorrow, good night all.