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Showing posts from May 14, 2017

Decisions I Made

My brain is always moving, planning, or worrying about things I can not control.  I wonder how many people deal with this regularly.  I was grieving my dog so much, I was ripped off online a few weeks ago, but I tried again and wait for it... The puppy should be here on Monday.  So everyone told me to wait and travel and grieve.  Some thought  I should go to a dog shelter, but I wanted the same breed.  I also decided to move back to NY next year, and now my adult children are considered moving here.  I am so excited to say I started having a social life lately, and with my new puppy, I will have a greater appreciation for this journey we all are on called life.  My son, who such a great young man, is flying in tomorrow and I can not wait. Now I will get back to cleaning up while I await his arrival.  He has not seen my place yet, nor has he seen me live alone and independently.

Mother's Day

Made it through Mother's Day.  I took my 13-year-old to the movies, and of course, this was me being a mom. We saw Boss Baby.  As I watched the movie, I knew what the conclusion would be.  The best part of the day was watching her laugh.  I have been asked out lately, but I am enjoying getting to know myself.  Due to my past experiences, I ask questions, for example, what do you do? How is your credit and get proof? Do you enjoy gambling? Do you call women out of their names and explain what you will tolerate, and lastly, how did you grow up and what is their status now with their families? All of these things are key.

Happy Mother's Day

     Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's and grandma's. I also wish the single dads who are alone in taking care of your kids.  I am just relaxing, and since my ex left to head back to New York, I am no longer in an entertainment role. I barely slept because my son had gotten sick at work, and they called EMS. He felt dizzy and refused medical attention. His sister rushed there in the rain, and now at this particular time, I became worried about both.  My foster daughter was there on stand by in case the hospital was necessary.  I love their bond, but I was so concerned that I twisted and turned all night.  But I had to come to the conclusion that they were grown and had one another. But I now understand what my dad says, parenting never ends.  I want to especially commend mothers who are standing strong after surviving abuse.  This week, I hope that after you enjoy your holiday, we can start a discussion about abuse and help other women survive. I also hope other women can