My crazy update

     Hello everyone I am back and I would love feedback.   I have had after going on a Christmas cruise and having security kicking off two of my guest due to my there behavior and my craziness and holding things in.  Then of course my daughter needed me to care for her children while I attended school.  I went on dating sites and met dates trying to fill some empty time and space once my grandchildren were with their mom.  I have to complete a class this summer and I am on my own by writing about myself.  I am feeling insecure when it comes to writing.

    I am ready to move back to New York from Indiana.  My parents are aging and my ex-husband wants to help me with our daughter.  My oldest daughter seems to need help also but I am worried about losing myself.  I have a friend who wants to move in with me but we are friends and if I take him up with this offer I hope it all goes well.  I have no idea where I will live and my son and daughter are counting on me. I am in debt due to this last move and I am someone who plans things so far ahead. I feel lost and confused and maybe looking at shelters.  I will sell things if need be but this is going to be a test for me.  I started this blog to help others and show them how far I came but I have to keep it 100 %.  Well, goodnight and try to be the best you.


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