Break Down

   I keep thinking I can do it all.  I also think I can do it at the same time.  I am a full-time student who is just learning ng the computer, I am a mother and a substitute teacher.  The past two weeks my new ninth-grade daughter had so many things going on in school: sign for laptops parents from 5:30-7, meet the teachers, freshman parent day(what is that) and finally back to school items. Did I say I started school the same week?  My oldest daughter conveniently fired her childcare so I had them for two weeks straight, after having them for months previously.  I had to put my foot down and say get new childcare(even if it broke my heart).  I took five classes and I forget what assignment goes where or to whom.  You can not forget the gym now is once or twice a week.  The hair and nails are every three weeks.  I not only do not have the time but nor do I have the cash.

  Two weeks ago trying to keep up with family time and tradition I decided to cook a big meal, which included frying chicken.  The baby is walking around and people are in my tiny kitchen, I forgot to say I had to downsize. I dropped the chicken in the hot oil and burn my hand and wrist almost to the bone.  Everyone thought it would not be a big deal and went on to eat.  The next day the doctor stated this is bad( I was like no shit).  I had meds for burns, for pain, bandages and a removable cast. This is all on my right hand, the hand I type with, eat with and just about everything else with( I will keep it clean).

   I am now two weeks behind at school and playing catch up and looking a hot mess. Subbing with a bad hand so the kids took full advantage.  My family who is made up of mostly adults keep asking what is for dinner.  These are the same people who continue to look at my hand and say " ooh that is going to leave a scar".  I do not have a love life at all. I have gentlemen callers but where am I going like this and when would I ever have the time.


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