Stress and life: Weak or Strong

I take on 6 classes one is done and I received an A.  The rest is kicking my ass. well, 2 out 5.  I care for the grandchildren at times and I cook at least three days a week.  I am reading other blogs that it is never too late.  People 50 and over are excelling once they graduate.  I feel apprehensive because I have a busy life and a family.  All of these classes seem harder then they would when I was 18.  I find myself scratching, sad and nervous all the time.  I am losing sleep and trying to push through so that I can graduate this summer.  I always take on more then I can chew but I intend on doing the same with a new career especially since my youngest is going to be heading to college in a few years.

I am also working on having my pictures showing on my blog.


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