Christmas is over and I am so relieved.  I overcooked as usual.  My semester is over and I did well but there was a glitch and there is always is in my life.  My life experience course which I have a lot of it was an A but my advisor was not pleased with the papers that were to be submitted so I may not get to the march.   I will fight and get extra help and figure it out. I have four classes this semester and hopefully my last.  I hope to own my own business to help others in many ways especially youth aging out of foster care and women learning and knowing their self-worth.  And all the while working part-time, caring for my family and looking for the right man for me. I am not looking for a nice man, a great father but the right man for me. I am also looking for me.  Where is the middle-age woman is taking her life now?  I feel in control.  New Year, I will be on time,  I will stay in shape, watch what I drink, keep my business to myself and make money.  I tell myself I am beautiful and wonderful and intelligent and think positive every morning before I start my day.


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