I took a day off from final papers to get my hair and nails done,  My bumper fell off.  I kept going.  I have stayed up until 6 am doing these papers, Some are easy, some not so much.  I am determined to give in all my requirements and papers in on time and I hope my professors and the school helps me get through.  I will fight to graduate this June at age 50.  I have a test due to a lump in my breast, I have blood clots that need biopsies, and I would dream of a 50th birthday party that I have not been able to put together.  I also have been fighting my daughter's school to keep her 504 in place so that she can remain in a smaller class setting with more than one teacher.  She really wants to remain in this program and is striving in school so why would they want to change that.  I will fight until the bitter end. Back to my papers.


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