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I am back home and wonder why did I return

  My mother, who never gave a shits ass about me, has not seen my children or me in almost 6 or months. She has failed to meet her new granddaughter, either. I came home to start a new career, be closer to family, and knowing my mother is bedridden and father and stepmother may need my help have gone on death ear.  I really don't know where I belong.  My dog has died, and I was foolish enough to buy another Yorkie. She is a puppy and is adjusting to life as we both knew it to be. I want this degree, but I want to escape reality.

Break Down

   I keep thinking I can do it all.  I also think I can do it at the same time.  I am a full-time student who is just learning ng the computer. I am a mother and substitute teacher.  The past two weeks, my new ninth-grade daughter had so many things going on in school: sign for laptops parents from 5:30-7, meet the teachers, freshman parent day(what is that), and finally back to school items. Did I say I started school the same week?  My oldest daughter conveniently fired her childcare, so I had them for two weeks straight, after having them for months previously.  I had to put my foot down and say get new childcare(even if it broke my heart).  I took five classes, and I forget what assignment goes where or to whom.  You can not forget the gym now is once or twice a week.  The hair and nails are every three weeks.  I not only do not have the time, but nor do I have the cash.   Two weeks ago, trying to keep up with family time and tradition, I decided to cook a big meal, including fry