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She's back!!!!!

 After burning my hand and feeling the pain, I decided to get back in the kitchen.  I am a full-time student, and I fell behind in a couple of classes due to this, but I will keep trying.  I feel a great deal of anxiety being back in NY.  My oldest daughter needs help with her children. I can not fall asleep on average until 3 am and wake up early to see my daughter off.  I have to improve my time management skills. Yes, people, we are still learning no matter what the age; with or without school, we are learning new skills—some of these skills we barely recognize as learning something new today. We can be reading a cover of a magazine or tabloid at the store, how to maneuver our bodies on the subway not to be groped or cause of being a groper. We try a new recipe or how to make a dollar stretch differently that week.  We may learn something new at work or at home by speaking with our kids about their homework, school gossip, feelings, or the new trend. Remember, every day is new, e