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Showing posts from December 30, 2018

The black sheep

The family talks about each other behind each other’s back but makes sure they get their bridal,  baby, and birthday parties. You do for them and expect nothing but get nothing. You no longer want to play a part. I want to watch my 50th come and go. I am going to watch everything come and go beside my classwork and water. I want to see what happens and then concentrate on my own success and life and give myself and a got dam rich bitch party.

New Year 2019

I usually start my year of writing the date wrong. I keep writing the year before but not this year.  I am going through so many changes. Turning 50 is one change, trying to graduate college and start this blogging, motivational speaking, and author business. And I will dap into other things. So this is not scary but exciting.  I feel I have been through so much abuse and mistreatment that I am ready to accomplish my goals for myself. I am such a caregiver like so many women that I got lost even gained 10 pounds during the last three months. I have to find balance ASAP. Taking care of others with mental illness and yourself suffering from it also does not make it impossible. It should tell you to care for yourself better. My kids and grands and ex. (their dad) And my grades. And me. I love cooking if you want to see my dishes and recipes, let me know. But this night, I took an evening off from cooking.