I don't know if this makes any sense but keeping busy makes me not thinks about cutting or anything negative at all.  I am concentrating on school, work and my kids. I even think about the next meals I am going to cook.  I am always ready to send a text out to someone to demand my rights in school or my daughter's rights in school.  I started working out.  And yes, I started talking to positive successful men who are treating me with respect. They are also making time for even if via phone.  They are respecting my time to complete my education.   I also spoke to both of my parents and decided to let them know how I was going to be treated if they wanted me to be in my their lives.  I also let go of those who are negative.  I stop emailing them, or even thinking about them.  What a great weight off my shoulders.  The hardest one was telling my daughter I could not babysit as often as she would like to save her money because I needed to work, study and have my time.


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