Handful Part 2

Good Evening,

    I had the most readers on my Handful blog.  When I wrote that I just had finished helping my daughter by keeping her daughters for a while who were 6 weeks and 5 years old at the time. I am now, along with everyone else stuck inside running from a virus that we can not see.  I am at high risk if I catch it from dying or being put on a ventilator if they can find one.  I was babysitting part-time, cooking for my friends, daughters and grandchildren and occasionally for my ex-husband.  I started advising them that they need to stay home because they were still working jobs that were not conducive to my illnesses while this epidemic is running rapidly around the world.  They seemed to take it personally and their coworkers were falling ill right in front of them and they felt lonely and wanted to continually come over my house.  I once again could not find my voice.  I have a loud mouth and I am a strong-willed woman who just could not say no.  I felt they did not care about my life.  I made excuses like, they just love me so much, they love going to the store for me and they love my cooking.   This past Easter Sunday they thought I was going to plan a big meal.  I said no, I forgot it was even Easter with all that is going on right now.  That did not stop them from coming, nor did it stop me from cooking pasta, fries and chicken fingers.  I finally gathered the strength to say I do not want any of you to come back after the Easter egg hunt and all. I hope it was not too late. I am beginning to learn to just say no and that just does not work for me.


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