I am back for good!!!!


    I hope everyone is keeping safe and well during this time. This virus has kept us all in and some of us away from our loved ones.  I graduated on June 3rd, I received my Bachelor's of Science in Communication and Cultural Studies.  I graduated with my last semester having a 3.74 average.  My son moved from New York to Florida the next week to start a new life.  I no longer cut.  I hope to get my Master's and write my first book in the near future.  I was substitute teaching and speaking to women who suffered from domestic violence and youth who were in group homes.

    I took ill a few months after graduation and it prevented me from speaking.  Doctors say due to throat issues I may not be able to give speeches again.  I will not let this stop me.  It may have derailed me and changed my course but I am a strong and determined woman like many others out there.  I believe we are all here for a reason, whether it is to reach one person or millions of people.
     I would like for us to share ideas of things to do at home while we are in the midst of this epidemic. I will continue to write and share my workouts, healthy eating tools, fun shows to keep you upbeat, games you can play, and inspirational words while we hopefully turn a corner.  I will work on adding my pictures as we go.


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