Hello, my friends,

    I hope everyone is doing well and stayed safe and healthy today.  I hope I receive some followers and comments from those who are reading this blog.  I think we can all use some ideas outside of dancing(which is a great source of letting releasing stress).  I alI so hope to reach those who are not well, and tell you that we all are wishing a fast recovery no matter what is ailing you.  I am not going to you the #we are alone together because we are not.  Some of us, are single and alone.  Some of us are talking to a pet, some of us( like myself) are single parents, some of us have annoying spouses right about now and some of us thought have 5 or 6 kids was a good idea up until today.  But seriously,  I hope we all are getting through this in a positive, upbeat manner.  I am here and I will be checking my blog all-day to make sure I am here for you.  So leave a comment if you just want to be heard.  I am starting a blog next week and working on my YouTube channel tomorrow to keep that on a more positive note also. Goodnight, be creative, spend time with those you are quarantined with, or reach out to those you are not able to see(like me).


  1. Perfect post for these difficult times. Can't wait to read more!


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