Quick Update!!

    Good morning,

    I will be back later for quarantine part 2.  I did have a wonderful 50th birthday party and the last picture was of me on that day.  My two younger sisters under me got together and decorated and put some of their money out there and gave me a wonderful party.  My children and my sister-in-law contributed also.  I may have paid for the bulk of it and drove everyone up the wall but I was the belle of the ball.  I had around 65 guests and we danced all night.  I had a beautiful cake from the FoodNetWork Cake Boss.
     I could not believe the kid from the lower east side of Manhattan, who use to fight on the street corners, who was a survivor of domestic violence and child abuse would see herself at the moment in that time.  I was surrounded by family and friends, my oldest two are college graduates are leading productive lives and my youngest is now in mainstream classes and is an honor roll student.  I am now a college graduate who owned a home and traveled and seen some of the world and hope to see so much more.  I will get into how I cared for my great uncle with Alzheimer's, my ex- husband's Asperger's and how difficult it was for me.  I will also write about how I had to mentally overcome my demons after being a victim of abuse.  I will save those conversations for a later date, I rather keep it light and help others during these times we are having now.  I don't know about you but I got my money from the United States, well I will keep it light government today.


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