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My rocky summer!

 I am cancer-free; they found it not cancerous(pre-cancerous cells remain in the esophagus), but there is still something wrong with the nodule they removed.  I have several appointments ahead.  My 16 year old passed her permit test, and I asked her if she wanted to drive us home, and she got in the eagerness to go. Her father and I took her for a couple of practice runs in the past.  She looked across at me and asked, " Which one is the gas?" That is when I knew I was in trouble. She began to use two feet, and I had her stop the car, and we held up traffic because we would have never made it home alive.  

My granddaughter showed so many signs of stress due to COVID.  She cried and said she misses her classmates and missed out on day camp. She is amongst thousands of children but hurt met to watch never the less. 

I have so many ups and downs with my partner at the time because we lived an hour and a half apart.  Due to the virus and my illnesses, we do not see one another like we use to.  I feel he pushes his opinions on me, and I am more comfortable in my home.  He is an intelligent and kind man, but he starts and having fits if I choose not to involve him more as he sees fit.  In the past, he has stated he was the man of the house, and before his wife died, he was the breadwinner.  I have been the head of my house and the breadwinner, and I believe there is a conflict there.  He tells me that his wife is dead and he is ready to move on, but when I said that after my surgery because he wanted to care for me at his house, but during that week, they were having dinner for her birthday, for the second time. He told me I may be uncomfortable or may want to return home, I decided to remain home and not take a long drive back and forth after surgery. I did have a wonderful dinner with his wonderful son at Season's 52(outdoor seating, of course).  I felt COVID 19 took more victims.  When people lose jobs or lose their partners due to this epidemic, then they too are casualties.

I took a chance and went to Florida before the surgery.  I wanted to see my son before surgery. I rented a mansion with an inground pool.  Having all my kids and grandchildren together, and my ex-husband was wonderful. I cooked a couple of meals, and we did a couple of TikTok's.  I was pleased that United made sure the seat beside me was vacant without paying for the seat.  If you have the written proof, people need to understand that their health and rights will be respected if you speak up.

I woke up from the surgery in a glass room, looking at people in hazmat suits.  I was so confused, but they stated the nodule needed testing and appeared to have signs of what I don't know.  I was a first responder during 9/11, and now the fun begins. I am applying to get my Master's and Ph.D. in mental family therapy.  I want to stay healthy, write more, and obtain more readers. Be safe with this upcoming Fall.


  1. You are so inspiring and strong. I highly admire your strength, wisdom, and sincerely your beauty. . . A Woman's Worth is recognized!


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