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Handful Part 2

Good Evening,     I had the most readers on my Handful blog.  When I wrote that, I just had finished helping my daughter by keeping her daughters for a while who were 6 weeks and 5 years old at the time. Along with everyone else, I am stuck inside, running from a virus that we can not see.  I am at high risk of catching it from dying or being put on a ventilator if they can find one.  I was babysitting part-time, cooking for my friends, daughters, grandchildren, and occasionally for my ex-husband.  I started advising them that they need to stay home because they were still working jobs that were not conducive to my illnesses while this epidemic is running rapidly worldwide.  They seemed to take it personally, and their coworkers were falling ill right in front of them, and they felt lonely and wanted to continually come over to my house.  I once again could not find my voice.  I have a loudmouth, and I am a strong-willed woman who just could not say no.  I felt they did not care abou

Quarantine and children

    We are now our children's teachers, and I struggled to help my high school daughter with her work.  I would like for us to share with others some websites or information they may. We can not blame others if we do not get involved.  There are elderly grandparents raising grandchildren who may not understand how the new curriculum is being taught today.  Some parents have turned to homeschool websites.  You can google high school math or look up blogs for preschools. You can also download zoom and have your child get on with other students to study together while you monitor what they are doing.  Help those you may know are ill, and children may need your help via phone, skype, or zoom.   Good luck and stay safe and healthy.  If you like my blog, please follow.

Quick Update!!

    Good morning,     I will be back later for quarantine part 2.  I did have a wonderful 50th birthday party, and the last picture was of me on that day.  My two younger sisters under me got together and decorated and put some of their money out there and gave me a wonderful party.  My children and my sister-in-law contributed also.  I may have paid for the bulk of it and drove everyone up the wall, but I was the belle of the ball.  I had around 65 guests, and we danced all night.  I had a beautiful cake from the FoodNetWork Cake Boss.        I could not believe the kid from the lower east side of Manhattan, who use to fight on the street corners, who was a survivor of domestic violence and child abuse, would see herself at the moment in that time.  I was surrounded by family and friends. My oldest two are college graduates leading productive lives, and my youngest is now in mainstream classes and is an honor roll student.  I am now a college graduate who owned a home and traveled


Hello, my friends,     I hope everyone is doing well and stayed safe and healthy today.  I hope I receive some followers and comments from those who are reading this blog.  We can all use some ideas outside of dancing(which is a great source of releasing stress).  I alI so hope to reach those who are not well and tell you that we all are wishing a fast recovery no matter what is ailing you.  I am not going to you give you the #we are alone together because we are not.  Some of us are single and alone.  Some of us are talking to a pet, some of us( like myself) are single parents, some of us have annoying spouses right about now, and some of us thought have 5 or 6 kids was a good idea up until today.  But seriously,  I hope we all are getting through this in a positive, upbeat manner.  I am here, and I will be checking my blog all-day to make sure I am here for you.  So leave a comment if you just want to be heard.  Soon I will start a podcast and work on my YouTube channel to keep tha

I am back for good!!!!

*Hello,     I hope everyone is keeping safe and well during this time. This virus has kept us all in and some of us away from our loved ones.  I graduated on June 3rd. I received my Bachelor's of Science in Communication and Cultural Studies.  I graduated with my last semester having a 3.74 average.  My son moved from New York to Florida the next week to start a new life.  I no longer pick.  I hope to get my Master's and write my first book in the near future.  I was substitute teaching and speaking to women who suffered from domestic violence and youth in group homes.     I took ill a few months after graduation, and it prevented me from speaking. This was due to being a first responder during 9/11.  Doctors say due to throat issues I may not be able to give speeches again.  I will not let this stop me.  It may have derailed me and changed my course, but I am a strong and determined woman like many others out there.  I believe we are all here for a reason, whether reaching