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Showing posts from June 21, 2020

Ups and Downs

      The past has had its ups and downs.  Dating is not easy during Covid-19 because children come first and families. Some insecurities would pop up, sexual needs would go unattended.  And let's face it depression sets in at times, isolation is a son of a bitch.  I have a son who lives in Florida and I worry constintantly.  Families that are accustomed to having gatherings with their parents, siblings, nephews, neices, and cousins are no longer.  The world is on pause.  Then there are those who are going on as if nothing as changed, ignoring the data and putting others in danger.                    I go into stores, and we are all wearing masks, hair is all over the place, and I am wondering is this the new way of life.  I had so much to blog, but yet I could not bring myself to do so.  I found myself cooking more, eating more, watching tv constantly, and staring at the walls in my room.  I found out by watching the news and speaking with others that I was not alone.  I am begin