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My rocky summer!

 I am cancer-free; they found it not cancerous(pre-cancerous cells remain in the esophagus), but there is still something wrong with the nodule they removed.  I have several appointments ahead.  My 16 year old passed her permit test, and I asked her if she wanted to drive us home, and she got in the eagerness to go. Her father and I took her for a couple of practice runs in the past.  She looked across at me and asked, " Which one is the gas?" That is when I knew I was in trouble. She began to use two feet, and I had her stop the car, and we held up traffic because we would have never made it home alive.   My granddaughter showed so many signs of stress due to COVID.  She cried and said she misses her classmates and missed out on day camp. She is amongst thousands of children but hurt met to watch never the less.  I have so many ups and downs with my partner at the time because we lived an hour and a half apart.  Due to the virus and my illnesses, we do not see one another li