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The craziest presidential race ever

Let me start off by saying I am doing better.  I am not completely out of the woods, but I am getting there.  I have to lose a great deal of weight.  I am now working on my master's and then my Ph.D.  I want to be able to have a private business as a Psychologist.  I am eager to help others for as long as I can.  I am learning how to improve my writing, so I will have the knowledge to succeed when writing books.  I am the mother of an autistic child, so I primarily worked with families such as mine.  I would also enjoy helping others through my blog and my podcast. I never really got into politics as much as I am now.  When I watch television, I watch comedies, soaps, ID channel, and my favorite is reality TV.  I, along with most of America, lately, have left my television on the news. My channel choice was MSNBC.  I keep checking on these votes here in the United States, waiting for them to declare a winner. I am watching states that did not start until November 3rd, recounts, and