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Showing posts from November 15, 2020

Covid and New School Closings

 Good afternoon,  I am going to keep this short and straight to the point.  I realize that schools are closing again.  I also realize that grandparents, aunts, foster parents, daycares, and parents who are not as equipped are helping their children/students more than ever.  As I stated before, I am studying psychology, and my field is geared towards families and children.  I am also an educator.  I am here to help anyone with questions.  Most teachers will go well over and beyond.  You can reach out to others for help via computer or telephone.  I can also help by adding sites that help you teach your students.  Canada had a surge with Covid after their Thanksgiving. Please where ever you are over the holidays, be safe and smart. 

Molding a new way of life!!

 I am working on getting my master's in Marriage and Family Therapy (clinical). It will leave a lot of doors open for me. When I finish this program I will be a certified psychologist.  I hope to then move on to their PhD program. I am finding extremely hard.  There is a great deal of writing involved. I am eager to become a better writer for my blog and my futer careers and endeavors.  I gained another 10 lbs since I broke my toe, took ill and Covid.  This is making it harder to breath, bend over without back pain and I had a breast reduction four years ago and they are growing back.  The old incisions are hurting due to being stretched.  I am so disappointed in myself.  I will loose the weight but I hope my breast will go down a size.  I have grown accustomed to getting my hair and nails done once a month.  I even taught myself through Youtube videos how to care for my own hair.  I started matching the masks with my outfits, and I learned how to duck and dive around people in pub