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Showing posts from November 22, 2020

Happy holidays

 I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. I cooked so much food.  After posting my blog Covid-19 Hear me Roar!,  I later researched and found that many Covid-19 survivors and families of those who passed have posted their names and faces on President Trump's Twitter page.  I am so proud of them, and I hope they also had a wonderful Thanksgiving as they heal from their losses and recover from the virus.  We can count down this year together and pray that 2021 will be a fantastic year for us all.  I cooked so much food.

Covid-19 Victims, Hear you roar!!!!

        I am trying to hear from people who have survived Covid or have had family members who have succumbed to Covid, especially here in America, before the end of the year.  I would like President Trump to see victims' pictures or names to acknowledge the families. It does not matter what party you support, but can we put a name or face to this disease.  This will also show others that this is serious, and it may save lives.  I blog about life subjects, and I will not push this matter.  This is just a request; I will post on my Twitter account, Instagram, and here.  I decided to use these platforms to see where this may go. My Twitter account is @anayaprice15, my Instagram is Matuini1, and my Facebook is Anaya M Price.

Handful Part 3 - She is here to stay

 I spoke of my little puppy and the strain that she put on me, along with having my granddaughters with me and going back to school. I took on a handful like most women do.  The most devastating thing that has happened to this world during our times has been Covid. I went back on my blogs and read how much I complained about a puppy, and that seems so minute compared to what is going on today.  My dog, Princess, has been such a great companion during these trying times.  She is so accustomed to me and my youngest daughter being home almost all of the time.  She is so loving and gives us nothing but unconditional love.  She feels our stress and tries to make us play with her.  She is so obedient and trained so well. Princess gets more likes than I do on my Tik Tok. She changed so much in three years.