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What should America do with this outgoing President?

 Good evening, I could not believe what I saw today at the capital of the United States.  Since I am a retired NYPD officer, I am surprised by President Trump's warnings regarding January 6th that they were not prepared.  I can understand why some Republicans are still willing to object to some of the state's votes.  I am not sure if he is brainwashing people or they are drinking the same Kool-Aid.  Other countries are onlookers as well as I am.  I am feeling your disgust and laughter and watching our country bow down to bullshit. The 25th amendment should come into place right now.  He still has two weeks to cause havoc.  A woman lost her life for a cause that she may not have understood.  Trump has lost his mind; he is a bad example to anyone he ever comes across.  He is putting the country in danger.  President Trump has proven he should be removed from office.  They chose not to remove him when he was impeached but will America grow any balls and take him out of the office